I'm a 24 year old English teacher living in Japan. I likez teh video gamez, manga, and cartoons. I draw and write, and apparently I now translate chit, too. Yippee!



30 day female character challenge: {2/~} leads - Katara

I know sometimes it hurts more to hope and it hurts more to care. But you have to promise me you’ll never stop caring.

final fantasy xiii might as well be called 'snow what the fuck are you doing' the trilogy

Lightning: snow wtf are you doing you can't marry my sister

Hope: snow wtf are you doing you asshole you killed my mom

Hope: snow wtf are you doing you are going to get your ass killed

Noel: snow wtf are you doing hotheaded assholes like you die quickly

Sazh: snow wtf are you doing we don't even know what our focus is

the whole party and serah: SNOW NO


Choose for Happiness - CH.2

Summary: While everyone else was busy living the lives they’d always dreamed of, somehow he had looped back around to fill the same tired role that he had in the old world; endless hours of researching and planning and building to keep his mind off realities that might destroy him if he let them take hold.

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But for what does a man need God?

Chapter 2: Out of the fire

“Snow, stop the car,” Lightning commanded as they pulled up to the station her phone’s GPS identified as Horton. She didn’t even wait for the large man to fully comply before abandoning the vehicle and racing over to the platform, flashlight in hand. It had taken roughly forty minutes to reach the station from Serah and Snow’s place and Lightning could only hope that they’d made it in time.

She flashed her light across the platform and her pulse quickened at what she saw. Two large, bloody stains on the cement, a busted up phone, and no Hope in sight. She looked at the blood and swallowed thickly. Please don’t be his, she prayed silently.

Snow joined her a moment later, stopping short as he took in the scene. “Oooh boy,” he remarked in a low voice.

Lightning ignored him and studied the scene, looking for any clues as to where Hope might have gone. The station was quiet and empty, save for them. There were no noises to indicate that anyone else was still in the area. She flashed her light around regardless, just in case someone was hiding out of sight, but she caught no whisper of movement beyond the gentle rustling of tree branches.

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[TRANSLATED] “ZAPPED ~ Serah and the Thunder Queen”


Art by . This comic is a “FROZEN” parody where Lightning possesses the power of electricity and can control metal objects using magnetic energy. Just as a warning, Snow plays the role of Hans. The main pairings are Noerah and Hoperai.

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